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Order your 2019 Sidekick Switch for the Polaris AXYS 800

Pump Gas/100 LL

Factory Tuned

Complete Package

Lightweight Design

Responsive Driveability

Predictable Horsepower

Consistent Performance

Altitude-Compensating Boost

Pull ‘n Go Turbocharger

BoonDocker Sidekick Switch Turbo Kit

Factory-tuned, pull ‘n go Sidekick power taken to a new level.

Optimized for maximum boost on 100LL Av-Gas with the ability to toggle down to pump gas.

Includes the Lightweight Water to Air Intercooler for maximum performance

Choose Your Exhaust

Deep Snow Exhaust: Features BoonDocker’s patented tunnel exit design to prevent bogging in deep snow conditions.

Standard Exhaust: Uses the stock exhaust outlet.

NOTE: The Sidekick Switch turbo kit is not designed for use at elevations below 5,000 feet.  For low elevation applications, choose the BoonDocker ST.  Also, BoonDocker turbo kits are not compatible with sleds running 144″ tracks due to differences in the overstructure.

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