In conjunction with Polaris Snowmobiles,

we will be hosting camps in Pemberton, BC this season.

These Technical Riding Clinics will focus on everything from Avalanche Training to Technical Riding Skills workshops. Chris’ team will help you improve your boondocking skills, sidehilling, technical moves, hill climbing, deep powder descents, jumping, whips and much more!!!

We will work with each rider to ensure that EVERYONE improves their riding level. This is not a follow me type clinic… this is a hands on with participation required clinic. We will be working on ALL riding skills with you. Instructor to client ratio will never exceed 1:6.

This year we are splitting the clinics into beginner, intermediate and advanced clinics. Please follow these guidelines to determine which CLINIC would be the best fit for you and for the rest of the group:

Beginner/Intermediate: Sidehilling, riding in deep snow, intro to tree riding, switching direction, techniques for not getting stuck and getting unstuck.

Intermediate: Technical sidehilling, tree riding, deep powder riding, technical maneuvers, jumping, intro to hop-overs.

Advanced: Technical tree riding, hop-overs, turn-downs, technical lines, elevators, jumps, whips, and more.

Whistler, BC December 16-17

Beginner /Intermediate Men Riding Clinic

Whistler, BC January 5-6

Beginner/Intermediate Women Riding Clinic

Whistler, BC January 13-14

Intermediate Riding Clinic