Women’s Beginner Clinic
Jan 13-14


This is a 2 day “women teaching women” clinic. It is designed for women riders to build confidence riding on their own. It gives them an opportunity to go through all the basics of riding including gear choice, what to pack, how to load/unload, backcountry and trail etiquette, basic avalanche knowledge and, riding techniques. We will also give you some tips on how to change your body position and how to maneuver your sled more efficiently, and of course, getting unstuck.
Progressing as a group helps everyone build confidence, skills and camaraderie. We generally stick to simple terrain and work on skills like carving, sidehilling, hillclimbing, general terrain choice, snow assessment and, avalanche safety.

This clinic is for women with some experience riding, a moderate level of comfort using the throttle, basic understanding of your machine and, you will need to be comfortable going off-trail into powder. We are going to push you a little bit during this clinic so be prepared to be tired! Group sizes are limited so you will have lots of one on one time.

Instructor to client ratio will never exceed 1:6.

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