I worked with Northland Dodge in Prince George, BC and got a new 2014 Dodge Ram. I have mostly had diesels in the past so I was worried switching to a gas truck but was surprised at the economy and handling of the new RAM.

I am actually getting better fuel economy with the 2014 Hemi RAM than with my diesel…not to mention the truck handles way better. My average for 4,000km is 15.5 Liters/100km or 18 mpg. This is 90% stop and go driving around town and half of the km’s loaded with a sled. On the highway I’m seeing 12-14 L/100km or 20-24 mpg. That’s pretty dam good. I think the 8 speed transmission and MDS system have a lot to do with that.

I highly recommend test driving a new Dodge Ram. My 2014 Ram handles amazing, has tons of power and has all the options you could imagine…including AC seats!

Check out http://www.northlanddodge.ca/index.htm


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